Custom software solution

Custom software solution


Existing corporate Virtual Machines infrastructure lacks centralized configuration and automation management capabilities. Replicating VM templates was becoming increasingly challenging. Running multiple instances of VM, saving VM states, state snapshots, and reverting VM states has become hardly possible and required vast resources. Balancing and monitoring requirements were hard to meet.

Solution offered by Wincima

Dedicated project team has developed a hosted application that enabled users to create and maintain individual accounts that allow virtual machines and virtualization servers management and configuration. The solution enabled users to centrally create, delete, manage VMs on connected virtualization servers such as Hyper-V, VCenter, ESXi. Users also acquired the ability to manage snapshots and remotely apply required changes to desired virtual machines.

Technological stack

.NET Framework with C# 4.6.2, ASP .NET MVC 5, JavaScript 1.7, TypeScript, HTML5/CSS3, Angular 4, MySQL


Multi-user web-application directly connected to multiple virtualization servers. Role-based permission system with CRUD operations for VM snapshots and VM's itself. Éxtended monitoring and reporting capabilities.


Single entry point centralized configuration and maintenance application with independent server virtualization platform and management system that has decreased VM administration and deployment time by 420% and dramatically increased corporate environment  performance.

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