Distributed database monitoring
and maintenance application

Turnkey enterprise software solution

Turnkey enterprise software solution


The Company has a vast network of distributed high-load databases and has been facing a challenge of effective database management and maintenance. As a result the cost of maintenance has gone up and the downtime has resulted in financial and reputational losses. Overall, database architecture has become cumbersome and ineffective.  

Solution offered by Wincima

The project team has developed and implemented a web-based application with a centralized live database monitoring, maintenance and configuration capabilities that provides clear and informative metrics with a user friendly interface.


The solution is based on a REST web-application being primary configuration and maintenance tool with a server to serve mobile client requests designed to trigger various maintenance and monitoring processes.

Technological stack

.NET Core, C#, ASP .NET Web, API, JavaScript 1.6, HTML5/CSS3, Angular 2, MS SQL, Exchange, Power Shell, WMI, Swift, Xamarin, MongoDB (for reporting storage)


System performance has become measurable. IT department has acquired full visibility and transparency on system's performance and status. Extensive reporting capabilities enabled overall system effectiveness increase. Incident response time has decreased by 28%. Process automation has resulted in 53% maintenance cost decrease.

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